When Hari got Married

czech subtitles

Hari, a taxi driver in Dharamsala, in northern India, is preparing to take his vows in a marriage arranged by his father. Tradition states that the engaged couple may not see each other prior to their wedding day. However, telephone contact is not proscribed. Hari is thinking about how marriage will change his life and that of his intended, who will – like all Indian girls – leave her own family to become part of her husband’s, as well as how he will perform as a husband and whether he will be able to feed his future children. He discusses his thoughts with his passengers, the filmmakers of the film and, through hints, with the love he has yet to see. In these conversations, Hari’s relaxed outlook and humour alternates with fear and uncertainty, which grows as the big day draws near. When Hari Got Married depicts life in the middle of the Himalayas, a region where modern civilisation impinges on centuries-old traditions in an unstoppable fashion. In 2010, the filmmakers took two awards at One World Festival for their documentary about Tibet, Sun Behind the Clouds.