Jigden the Beginning of the End

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czech subtitles

17.4.2018   21:00   Kino Pilotů   RESERVE

Jigden is the first Tibetan gangster film ever made and this is the story of Singhi (Lion in Tibetan) a Gang leader in Jackson Heights, Queens NY. Singhi wants to quit the crime world and lead a respectable life with his two younger brothers. Jiggy and Karma are the younger brothers and Karma goes to University which is out of state. Jiggy is a lost and a troubled soul often getting into trouble. Singhi is most worried about Jiggy and tries to talk sense into him. Drunk and obnoxious Jiggy enters a bar in the rival gang’s hood which is run by the ambitious Shiva who wants to become a Don eventually. Jiggy gets into trouble with Shiva’s boys and is taken away by them. Shiva kills Jiggy and Singhi who was preparing his way out of that world is sucked back in it. The retribution begins and Singhi accepts his Karma…..