Call It Karma

czech subtitles

Call it Karma is the inspiring true story about a young Tibetan Monk named Gyalten Rinpoche who in 1995 was sent on a spiritual pilgrimage by his Master to walk 1,000 miles from his remote mountain village.

Through the Holy City of Lhasa, starving and exhausted, he makes his way across the rooftop of the world to the impoverished Nepalese villages and into the sacred lands of India.

Nearly six years later, he establishes a Buddhist center in the West and befriends filmmaker Geoff Browne on the streets of Vancouver. Together, they travel back to the Rinpoche’s home village where Geoff witnesses an emotional reunion between the Rinpoche, his Master and family.

Full circle for the Rinpoche, but just the beginning for Geoff — as he is now inspired to retell his friend’s remarkable life story.